Life on Mars: NASA Discovers evidence of life on Mars

Life on Mars: NASA Discovers evidence of life on Mars

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Life on Mars: NASA Discovers evidence of life on Mars. But can life exist on Mars?

This is a question NASA Scientist, Astrologers and UFO Hunters have been trying to answer over the past years.

The Modernized NASA’s Rover (Curiosity Rover) have drop evidence images that sent Scientist into shock. Could this be ancient alien ruins?

This is as a result of evidence capture by NASA’s space robot. Scientist and other alien hunters believe this discovery is an evidence that there is life on Mars.

They backed their claims by images obtained by Curiosity rover.

Followers of Bizarre sighting were over the moon after one of them shared the rover’s pictures which He believes is a hard evidence of life on Mars. The photo in question was taken by unmanned NASA Rover on the red planet.

This photo is was made available for free on a website known as gigaspan. Its a high-res NASA image.

The most amazing thing about the photo is that, it looks like ruins of structures. Just like the ruins across Greece, Egypt, Italy and so on. In other words, its a replica of earth’s ruins.

A researcher, Scott Warring was of the view that the ruins in the picture were relics of ancient aliens who inhabited the Mars.

Scott went further to say, “He looked through some of the images taken on Mars by NASA’s Rover and notice something that looked exactly a wall with even thickness”.


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“They walls made its own room and most importantly, they are connected”, He explained.

“Only intelligent species could build this. They may have lived within the walls. Because they are just like walls ruins of little life forms”

Scott explained that, this photo is similar to what He notice earlier like 10years ago.

“10years ago, a figure caught my attention. It was a woman-like figure. The height of the figure was about 6-inches tall”.

“Could these tiny structures have built these structures? Yes, they were the once who built the structures to live.”

Notably, the thickness of the wall is even across the entire ruins.

The ruins on earth don’t have as perfect walls as the ruins from NASA rover’s image.

“This is the reason, I believe that intelligent species once lived there and they are infact the once who built the structure on Mars”


Could this claim by verifiable?

NASA and some skeptics could refer to this as pareidolia effect. Just the same way other finding and ‘pods’ have been referred to.

Pareidolia effect is a psychological phenomena that tricks the brain into the eyes to see objects and shapes in pattern as surfaces of rocks. Textures are also not left out of the pareidolia effect.

In another finding, a large black rock was said to vaguely have a close resemblance to fossil. This was also referred to as another life on the planet.

Scott who is in the centre of this controversy said, “He was taking a closer look at Mars Science front page Laboratory website and He noticed something odd. He saw a fossil right on the front page.”

“How could everyone have missed this? Especially those with vast experience and knowledge in artifacts and fossils. Its amazing.”

Scott went on to question NASA’s quest to find life elsewhere.

He said “it seems NASA have turned a blind eye towards proving the existence of life elsewhere. Have they given up?”


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Scott thinks NASA only feeds the public boring science for the satisfaction of curiosity.

This feeding of boring science is referred to as trickle-down theory. NASA has perfected this theory and is constantly using it to take the public’s attention from the real deal

“What I saw are ancient ruins and fossil, there is no doubt about it.”

Life on Mars: NASA Discovers evidence of life on Mars. But can life exist on Mars?

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