COVID-19: Antioxidants power you should know

COVID-19: Antioxidants power you should know

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COVID-19: Antioxidants power you should know can be found  looking through literature, publications and post for healthy food. Someone will definitely come across an interesting word like antioxidants.

These antioxidants are used as a medium to promote something, especially food as some positive. We need to know what these antioxidants are during this pandemic period, why its good for our health and why its loved and recommended for everyone. Read through and leave your thoughts below using the comment box.

We go through a lot each day. The stress and tiredness of the day affects millions of cells our bodies produce. Free radical often referred to as ‘bad molecules’ are responsible for the severe damage done to our body cells.

There is a process known as oxidative stress. This oxidative stress makes the bad molecules (free radicals) fuse themselves to our body cells.

Our body cells are usually healthy, but when the free radicals fuse themselves to the cells. It results in the rapid ageing and damage of the cells. Thereby making the cells and our body less healthy.

These free radicals can be seen as rust on steel as well as the turning of apple brown when cut and left in open air for some time. They are not good for the body.

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In addition, the free radical can attack our body system. The attack can get us severely sick. Cuts will take a longer duration to heal. Renewals of cells will be delayed. All these would lead to ageing fast.

This is where antioxidants come in. As a fact, there are ways for be free from these so called free radicals. Remember the Roman gladiators? They fight with shields. The shield serve as a protector.

In the human system, antioxidants play the role of a shield. They serve as shield against the free radicals.

The protective shield is in form of a protective layer around the cells. Antioxidants form the protective shield. As such, the free radical find it impossible to fuse themselves to our cells.

This process keeps us healthy. The cells are not damaged and won’t age fast.

Furthermore, the relationship between inflammation (as a result of oxidative stress) and mental health has been found by researchers. They said, when we consume foods with antioxidants, it could aid in the improvement of mental health.

When going through tough times and depression sets in. Antioxidants food are the quick way to achieve good health as a recovery process. They are also in high quantity in foods for a health and happy brain.

Foods containing Antioxidants
As a fact, bad molecules (free radicals) are everywhere. They are around us as well as in out bodies. We can’t avoid them.

The free radicals are capable of causing cancer, diabetes (Type 2), Diseases as well as increasing the risk of bacterial and viral attacks.

It is imperative that our diets should contain loads of antioxidants. Such diets are also high in vitamin C & E as well as caroteniods.

Examples of foods containing high levels of antioxidants include cocoa, berries, sweet potatoes, spinach, nuts lemon juice, honey, ginger and tea (green tea).

Taking ginger and green tea every morning and before bed can improve the levels of antioxidants in your body.

Coronavirus is not immune to antioxidants. As studies suggest, taking antioxidants will improve your immunity to the virus.

Some people are of the school of thought that, antioxidants can rapidly aid your recovery from COVID-19 infection. I encourage you to take lots of antioxidant foods during this period.

Another are where antioxidants are effective is in skincare. I’m sure, you have come across one or two skin car products made with antioxidants. In fact, skincare is the biggest market for antioxidants.

Damaged skins tends to age faster and are usually very sensitive. Skincare manufactures often advertise their products with labels of vitamin C & E, honey and some times green tea.

These antioxidants are capable of wrinkles prevention, thereby gives the skin a brighter look with less sensitivity. Aloe Vera contains all antioxidants and is extremely good to repair damaged skins.

Though it worth mentioning that, not all skincare products are good to be thrown on the skin. Some could damage the skin further. Especially, skin products that contain acids.

Skin care products containing right amounts of acids, are excellent. They have laboratories take out the acids and mix the antioxidants in the right amount.

We all know, too much of everything is bad. As well as too little. Same applies when it comes to antioxidants.

Too small will not give adequate protection needed for the cells. Too much will prevent you from taking other vital nutrients your body needs. Thereby leading to a reduced protection of cells.

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So, what quantity of antioxidants to you need for optimal performance?

In case of moisturizers for skincare products, it can be used twice a day without any complications. This depends on the products and the nature of the skin.

With respect to food antioxidants, a minimum daily average of 10,000 units a day in our food is required to compliment out health. The way this value was obtained is complex. In simple terms, 2 cups of green tea with ginger and honey a day can be enough.

It is good to stay healthy, especially during this pandemic days.

Keep taking antioxidants and exercising.

Your health is more important than wealth.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below. COVID-19: Antioxidants power you should know,

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