End of the World: The world could end in Year 2240.

End of the world: Doomsday and WW3 is COMING
End of the world: Doomsday and WW3 is COMING

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End of the World: The world could end in Year 2240. It was predicted by a Bible scholar citing evidence.

He said, 220-years from now, the world could come to an end. This was by His estimates alongside other scholars.

They called it the doomsday revelation which was interpreted from the Bible as they claimed.

Amazingly, the Christian Holy Book didn’t come with date of which the world will end. Although some ancient Jewish test could have some hidden clues regarding this.


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An expert in Bible and Middle East languages Prof Meyer Tom, found the clues. He found these hidden clues in a calendar from the ancient Hebrew text and passages. They are in both the New and Old Testaments.

The US based Professor who works at Shasta Bible College as well as Graduate School explained that it all began with Genesis.

“We refer to this year as 2020 AD. This is completely different from the ancient Hebrew calendar.”

“In the calendar which ancient Hebrew used, we are in the year 5,780. In simple terms, it means 5,780 years gone by after God made the Heavens and the Earth”, the expert explained.

Going through the Hebrew calendar, the genealogy with the book of Genesis has the starting date.

“If you read Genesis 5:1 through 6:8, there you will find the account of Adam’s descendants. They included the ade of their firstborn son at birth.”

“With reference to Jewish sources (Seder Olam) from that time and comparing with Genesis 5, Jewish scholars gave a predicted time of Noah’s flood to be 1656 years after creation.”

“They started that, when you added the time to the duration after Noah’s flood to date. It gives a total of 5,780-years.”

“This makes year 2020 AD, 5,780 years after the time of creation”.

The issue that raised a lot of question is, “How is this connected to the end of the world in year 2240?”

With reference to 2 Peter 3:8, it reads “One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”.

This is were the Prof used the ancient Jewish calendar to interpret it as 6000 years which means “6 days”

Going by this interpretation, the world will end 6000 years after creation. This Hebrew year coincides with the year 2240 (Gregorian Year).

From the Bible, God rested on the seventh day after using six days to create the world. This fits into the explanation why 6000 years was used by the ancient Jewish as the end of the world.


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“When the world reaches ‘six days’ (6000 years going by the ancient Jewish Calendar – year 2,240 AD in Gregorian Calendar) after creation, the world as it is will definitely come to an end.”

“As Sabbath day is a resting day, so shall the world. The world will rest for ‘one day’ (1000 years going by Jewish calendar – One day by Gregorian calendar)”.

This 1000 years is the reign of Messiah on earth. It is recorded in the book of revelation. It is called the Sabbath day.

“220 years from this year will be the Messianic age on Earth. The ancient Jewish theory said”.

“The interesting thing about this Messianic age (One day of Sabbath or 1000 years according to Jewish calendar) will be a restoration year. During this 1000 years of reign of the Messiah on Earth, the wrong and bad happening things will be made right by God.”

“Governments that are evil and oppressing people will be put in check. Literal restoration to damages done to the land and see will be seen. Satan will be bound.”
When the Messianic year is over, a final gathering will be held for people to be given the “awaited Inheritance.”

“All these events will play out in order to fulfill the land promise God made to Abraham,” Prof Tom believes.

“The Messiah’s Headquarters of the righteous universal government which is in Jerusalem is going to make the promise made by God to King David come to pass.”

“For ‘seventh day’ or 1000 years, all the kingdoms of the Gentile will be in subjection to the Jewish Messiah.” He said.

Popularly known as ‘The Bible Memory Man’ after He achieved a landmark of memorizing over 20 books from the Holy Bible, He explained interesting things from the ancient Hebrew calendar.

“Interesting discoveries were made using this method of dating. One of such discoveries is Abraham’s birth year.”

“Using this method, 1948 years after creation was Abraham’s birth year. The state of Israel was given back to His descendants in 1948 AD after they were in the diaspora for 2000 years.” Tom further explained


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Some Christian faithful believes there is a flaw in Prof Tom’s explanations and prediction about the end of the world. They said, it is written “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

So no one born of man will be able to predict or give the date the world will end.

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