COVID-19 Solar Eclipse Claim: Coronavirus will be killed by solar eclipse.

COVID-19 Solar Eclipse Claim: Coronavirus will be killed by solar eclipse.
Sunday, 21st June 2020,

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COVID-19 Solar Eclipse Claim: Coronavirus will be killed by solar eclipse. Scientist have claimed.

Sunday, 21st June 2020, is expected to grazed by the arrival of a solar eclipse. This eclipse has some quarters of the scientist theorist claiming will mark the end of coronavirus.

A renowned Nuclear Scientist, Dr Krishna Sundar who is based in India, explained the connection between the solar eclipse and coronavirus in a substantial way.

He went on to enlighten journalist about the circumstances that gave rise to His believe.


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His believe about the linkage between the solar eclipse that occurred last year, December 26 and the coronavirus outbreak. Though its a bizarre belief to think about.

Against all odds, the mutation of the virus was caused by the interaction and combination of the virus with emitted neutron from the solar eclipse.

He made the fact known and said “lives have been perished since coronavirus surfaced in December 2019”.

“To my knowledge, after December 26 the planetary configuration had a new alignment”. This was when the last solar eclipse occurred on December 26, He explained.

“Earth was kept an atmosphere which is conducive at this new alignment. The inter-planetary force of variation made the virus to occur from the upper atmosphere”.

“During the Sun’s fission of energy, neutrons are the first to be emitted at high frequency and the have no charge in nature. Which may results in the formation of nucleating nucleus with foreign absorbing bodies.

This bodies or materials can be of biomolecule. Then the bio-nuclear interaction at the upper atmosphere takes place”.

“Another theory which is sort after as the origin of coronavirus is this way. By the biomolecular mutation of the structure”. He said as He cast doubts over claims that China is the origin of the dreaded coronavirus”.

Dr Krishna is of the view and is certain that solar eclipse is capable of killing the virus. Just as He believes last years solar eclipse was involved in the formation of the virus.

Dr Krishna said that the annular solar eclipse on Sunday is believed to be the game changer in the fight against coronavirus.

As He thinks the contact and interaction coronavirus with the intensity Sun’s rays from the eclipse, will render the virus inactive (killed).

“The planetary configuration is a normal process which is constantly happening. We need not to bother ourselves about it and create chaos and panic. The natural cure for coronavirus could be solar eclipse and sun rays”, He added.

Reports on coronavirus tends to agree to what Dr Krishan said which was agreed by some scientist. This tends to disagree with what others tend to believe.

From different surveys across the world, 40% of 100 people believed coronavirus was a bioweapon created by the Chinese to gain superior power over the west.

The was made know by COVID-19 new research.

About 55% people who took the survey were of the believe that the Chinese didn’t develop coronavirus for supremacy battle.

In the UK, out of 10 Brits who took part in the research, believed that to a degree of confidence that coronavirus was created by the Chinese.

This research carried out by University of Oxford and was spear headed by clinical psychologists reported that in England, the number of adults who do not agree with this.

They do not believe the governmental consensus and scientific view about coronavirus pandemic

“About 59% of the adults across England thinks the public are being mislead by the government about coronavirus origination.

Some people, about 21% sees coronavirus is a hoax.

And some, about 62% believes coronavirus was developed my man”, the scientists reported.

About 70% of the people surveyed did not believe there is a vaccine with the World Health Organization (WHO) and are withholding it. While 79% disagrees with the notion that 5G causes coronavirus which is form of radiation.


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The poisoning is via radio waves.

COVID-19 Solar Eclipse Claim: Coronavirus will be killed by solar eclipse arrival, Scientist have claimed.

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