Women’s Health: How to Handle and Treat Vaginal Odour

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Women’s Health: How to Handle and Treat Vaginal Odour. Our private parts are not something we talk about much. Especially in social media.

However vaginal odour can be something that can occur for any number of reasons and when it does it can be very embarrassing.

The fact that it’s a bit of a taboo subject makes it hard to find advice when you need it.

It’s often easier to turn to the internet and become misinformed as to what is actually happening ‘down there’ so let’s start out by saying if you can sense an odour or suspect something is wrong you should seek help from a doctor and more specifically a gynaecologist.

Medical professionals are trained in these areas and will not judge or condemn you for something which they know a lot of people experience.

Let’s begin by saying that there is meant to be a certain smell of being a woman.

It becomes an issue when the smell increases more than normal or there is a big change in the way it smells.

Menstrual cycle can be one thing that changes the type of odour as can perspiration and a change in diet.

It could be that you have a yeast infection or an overgrowth of bacteria.

These issues are more common that you may think.

One in three women experience these kind of problems so it’s quite common.

Over growth of bacteria happens when the PH level in your vagina isn’t right and it then promotes bacterial growth.

The smell isn’t the only symptom you may experience when things are not what they should be.

It may be accompanied by itching, burning, increased discharge or other irritation.

If the doctor says that you are all clear but you are still getting a strong smell during your menstrual cycle or after sexual intercourse there are some natural ways you can get rid of the smell.

First watch what you are eating.

Sugar isn’t good for us and can also cause vaginal odour as it can feed the bacteria and increase your symptoms.

You need to increase your probiotic intake which will help to increase the good bacteria and take an antibiotic to kill the bad bacterial.

Probiotics may also help keep you PH levels.

Another way to help stop the odour is to take a bath in apple cider vinegar.

Add about two cups to the bath and soak in it for 30 minutes.

Remember to take a shower afterwards to remove the vinegar from your skin. You can also drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in water daily. The apple cider vinegar is antiseptic and antibacterial and it restores the acidity of your vaginal flora.

Tea tree oil is another good product to assist you as it has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Studies show that tea tree oil can kill Trichomonas vaginalis cells which are sexually transmitted and caused by a one cell protozoa organism.

Tea tree oil will also help you with yeast infection.

You must dilute the oil with coconut oil and apply it to an organic tampon as it is too strong for the sensitive vaginal lining.

Alternatively you can put 10 drops into a bath and soak for half an hour.

Either way it is important to stop the odour and make sure your organs are healthy.

Candida and vaginal infections not only make us feel uncomfortable but affect our sex life and can infect your partner depending what type of issue you have.

It is your responsibility to keep your partner safe from infections and if you don’t you can set up a cyclic issue where you keep re-infecting each other.

Some contagious sexual illnesses are also punishable by law if you infect someone else in some circumstances.

So be responsible for your sexual health, your vaginal health and you will find vaginal odour will no longer be an issue

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