Men’s Health: The Peyronie’s disease that causes A Curved Penis

Men's Health: Peyronie's disease that causes A Curved Penis
Men's Health: Peyronie's disease that causes A Curved Penis

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Men’s Health: Peyronie’s disease that causes A Curved Penis. Most men are quite concerned about their penis size, to a point of actually measuring that manhood from the time they are first aware of what their penis can do.

Some men have a penis with a natural curve that can make that measure difficult, but it certainly doesn’t make a difference in their bedroom performance.

But what happens when a man realizes he now has a curved penis when it was perfectly straight years ago?

The answer to that could be Peyronie’s disease, and it can actually shorten a man’s penis.

What’s Peyronie’s Disease?

To understand the disease, we must first understand the way the penis works.

The penis is filled with connective tissue and chambers that fill with blood – this is how a man becomes erect.

Through excessive or rough masturbation, rough sex, injuries, or other issues with the penis, there can be damage to the connective tissues.

Over time, that damage creates tiny micro tears that the body tries to heal by creating scar tissue.

That scar tissue doesn’t expand like connective tissue does.

So the penis becomes erect as blood flows into it, but the scar tissue – also known as plaque – doesn’t expand. The result is a curved penis.


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It is very important not to confuse Peyronie’s disease with a natural curvature.

A man might notice he has a curved penis very early on in his life, and he can rest assured that is normal.

Peyronie’s occurs over time, and changes the shape and length of the erect penis – it isn’t something that begins during the early years.

A natural curve is never anything to worry about.

How Does Penis Size Change?

As Peyronie’s disease gets worse, a man’s curved penis can begin to shorten a bit.

It might not be that noticeable at first, but over time he might notice that things don’t quite feel the same, or he might even bring out that old measuring stick just to see.

This size change can occur if too much plaque builds up in certain areas of the penis and doesn’t allow a full erection.

Once penis size diminishes due to Peyronie’s disease, there is no way to reverse it.

That’s why it’s so important to prevent it in the first place.

How to Prevent Peyronie’s Disease

There are a few ways to help prevent Peyronie’s disease from happening.

It’s important to remember that many men are simply born with a curved penis, and this is not Peyronie’s! This is simply how their anatomy works.

Peyronie’s is something that happens over time, so it can make a naturally curved penis more pronounced, or can make a straight penis curved over time.

Prevention is as simple as good penis care.

This means taking care to protect the penis from rough handling, such as a very tight “death grip” during masturbation, or having sexual intercourse without enough lubrication.

It can also mean wearing a cup during sports, as to avoid injury to the sensitive penis and the tissue within.

And if there ever is an injury or a problem, never hesitate to visit the doctor and ask for help with what’s happening.

Maintaining Good Penis Care

Whether a man has a perfect straight penis or a curved penis, he needs to pay attention to good penis care.

He can do this through the use of an exceptional penis health creme.

A crème that contains a multitude of vitamins, such as A, C, and D, can condition the skin and help prevent the tiny micro tears that can eventually lead to curvature he doesn’t want – and that good health can keep his penis size at the level he’s accustomed to seeing.

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