COVID-19: Coronavirus and Technology.

COVID-19: Corona Virus and Technology.
COVID-19: Corona Virus and Technology.

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COVID-19: Coronavirus and Technology. How the appearance of coronavirus affected technology. coronavirus is caused by Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

It is invisible, but apparently everywhere.

The disease requires either close contact with an infected person or coming in contact with contaminated surfaces or air.

The later has been responsible for more than half of coronavirus infection across the world. This has further been seen in how it has reached everywhere faster than any pandemic in the history of pandemics.

Searching the history books with respect to other pandemics that humans have navigated through such as cholera, the black death, and the Spanish flu, HIV (which we have learned to live with it).

They had devastating effect on humanity.

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Coronavirus so far has infected more than 13.3 million people worldwide, With 578,000 deaths. These figures keep rising each day.

When will the figures show a decline and give the human race hope for tomorrow?

Advancement in technology has had researchers and scientist working day and night to tackle this virus. With every death and autopsy carried out, we edge closer to the finish line.

The virus has re-scripted our day-to-day way of living; it has today become the responsibility of everyone and not just the health workers to fight this disease.

From the shutting down of schools to recreational parks. From closing down of churches to mosques. From cancelling and postponing weddings, graduations and funerals all put on halt or reconfigured due to worries about safety.

This new virus has not spared any age group, but reports from medical experts have shown that children and aged people are more at risk of being infected.

Researchers have been troubled lately with the serious condition in some young patients, which has caused inflammations in the hearts, kidneys and lungs.

With this new discovery, it is believed that, though the patient recovers, the potential for a long-term damage is still uncertain.

A lot of worried questions have been thrown to medical experts including the WHO, just how long will it take to find a vaccine?

Especially with the rate at which the economy of different countries is dropping daily, due to the lockdown imposed to curtail the spread of the virus.

In more than 150 labs around the world Scientists are all working on a vaccine and dozens of nominees are in testing stages.

It is almost looking like there is light at the end of this dark tunnel sooner than predicted when the virus broke out.

With the modern technology around the world, efforts have been made daily including the Madagascar drug, the recently discovered Russian covid-19 drug, the USA remdesivir drug etc it has proven that technology indeed is one of the major progress in fighting any pandemic.

Surveillance apps have also being created to detect infected persons, helping to rupture the gap flanked by this fast spreading virus.

Though all this vaccines are still under the testing stage, at that moment there’s a big relieve that soon everything will return back to normal.

According to Forbes, the university of Chicago estimates the recent job layoffs in this COVID-19 pandemic to 42% which may be permanent, roughly 36 million jobs have been lost since the beginning of lockdown.

Even with the virus at its peak of spread, some countries have eased the lockdown due to the harsh effect it’s having on the already troubling economy and have so far observed the basic hygiene of washing of hands, wearing of nose masks and use of hand sanitizers.

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Although there is a huge difference happening with this COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask and physical distancing for now, will help stop the spread of the virus.

SO what do we do? We learn how to live with the virus and adhere strictly to safety procedures.

Thank you for reading COVID-19: Coronavirus and Technology.

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