How to please your partner in Bed

How to please your partner in Bed
How to please your partner in Bed

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How to please your partner in Bed. Being good in bed is really more about what you’re bringing to your girl than anything else. It’s not about a skill that you have and others don’t, nor is it about your penis size.

So below are 7 things that Separate an Average Guy

• Creativity

As a creative man, you should always try new styles. Which means your girl will never get bored of you. Stop running over the same old route over and over.


Being able to say, “Hey, let’s try something you want this time” requires humility, flexibility and an absence of fear. This is what makes you a fearless man.


Nobody is saying needs to last all night long, but you should be willing to put in the effort to make sure your partner gets as much pleasure as you do.


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Attention to Detail

Do u know where her clitoris & G-spot is? How abt the right amt of foreplay or the right depth of penetration? By being curious about what works & what doesn’t, remembering it & applying those learnings will help take your game to the next level.


Does a new position you tried not work the way you wanted it to? Do your attempts at role play fall flat? A guy doesn’t freak out, but keeps smiling, takes a water break and jumps right back into it.

• Lustfulness

There’s nothing sexier than feeling how badly your man wants you. Make your girl feel like chocolate-coated sexual dynamite, by showing her —with your actions, words and your guttural grunts & moans of pleasure —just how awesome it with her.

• Generosity

A generous lover is one who genuinely cares about their partner’s enjoyment. Puts your girl’s desires first and she will always come back for more  Go back and read it again It will really help you not just good, but legendary in bed.


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Don’t go and press your partner’s breast to slippers level and even hit her pussy region so hard (like Taar Tarh Taaarh) just to show that you!!! Nonsense


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