Depression: How to Overcome and Recover from it

Depression: How to Overcome and Recover from it

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Depression: How to Overcome and Recover from it. Depression can drain your energy, happiness (especially when sad), and drive. This will make it very difficult for you to feel better as you will be lazy to try. Little things to important things, it will seem impossible to try as you will find them so exhausting.


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Recovering from Depression is not an easy task and it can be so quick. The secret is to start, no matter how little or small the effort is. First steps are usually the most difficult steps to take, but it will be a lot easier if you start with something small like going for a walk with friends. Listening and dancing to your favorite song is also a good start.

An essential role in overcoming depression is getting support. This is because, it’s very difficult to reach out for support when depression sets in leading to total withdrawal from everything, even family and friends.

Here are some advice that can help in your fight against depression:

Negative self-talk should be stopped (Low self-esteem)

Try to reduce the way you doubt yourself and feeling of worthlessness. These negative thoughts are the fuel for depression and can easily lead to suicide. You are excellent and beautiful the way you are. Your current situation is not the definition of who you are. Always see the bright side of things and think positive. It’s the spark needed for a brighter face and helps in fighting depression.


Friends and Family connection (FAFC Therapy)

FAFC Therapy is what I call friends and family connection. Connect with friends and family especially at gathering. Don’t isolate yourself from others. Friends and family have huge positive effect on your mood with funs, joke and laughter. FAFC Therapy is usually the first and easiest to hold on to when fighting depression. It can be very difficult, but it always a good start and sometimes the best start.




Sometimes we tend to hold a grudge and then feel the anger within us while the person the anger is directed at is merrying about and completely oblivious to your anger and feelings. Don’t give others power over you and your emotions. Even if they have hurt your feelings in the past, find a way to let go and forgive them. It will lighten the burden you carry. When you lighten your emotional load, it will definitely improve your mood and this will help you to over come depression.



Exercise is a free therapy that helps in the fight against depression. This Free Therapy session called exercise releases endorphins. This endorphins improve one’s immunity and mood. Immunity and mood lifting are not the only function of endorphins. They also offer so much health benefit like lowering the blood pressure, boosting self-esteem, protects the heart against diseases, cancer etc. Having atleast 1hour exercise (walking inclusive) 3-4times a week is a good start.



Giving up is a common trait among people who are depressed. Its good to take some time to figure somethings, but there should be a limit. Keep being productive, this has a effect on your mood. Life is wonderful beyond depression if you manage the situation well and NEVER GIVE UP. Always try to keep the faith and hang in. It will surely get better.


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Taking these small positive steps day by day, the energy needed to lift you from depression will come and the happiness you seek will surely return to you making you healthier and hopeful again


Depression: How to Overcome and Recover from it

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