Overcoming Depression as Youths and Adults

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The most difficult situation to handle as a youth or adult is “Overcoming depression” and it beats your imagination on what it takes to overcome depression. Your blessings should know no bounds if you’ve gone through situations without experiencing depression. It quite unfortunate if you’ve experienced this common battle. A good percentage of people, both male and female, at some point in their lives have experienced it and to be honest its not an easy experience. Excessive sadness, interest loss in things we enjoy, very low motivation in youths and adults are disorder referred to as “Depression”. Overcoming depression is of priority to save our family and friends.

Charles Hadden said “Most of us have to be cover come by fits of depression. We always feel cast down no matter how cheerful and happy as we may be. In most cases, you may seem courageous but not as brave as we think, always happy but not as joyous as we think, always prepared and ready but not as wise as we may think, vigorous but not as strong as we may think”.

When the “fits of depression” attack someone, most times it happens in circumstantial times, in some cases, it seems spiritual. Some times its because something is terribly not right either physically, mentally, or something when our body.

Sometimes we need medication immediately, later or a continuous therapy.

If you or the one you love is suffering from “fits of depression”, whatever may have caused it, I believe you will find helpful as you read through and the Lord will reveal to you the things to do to get to the other side of your problems and overcome it so as to experience joy and peace of mind once again.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression
1. A miserable feeling which leads to excessive loss in appetite and weight.
2. Interest Loss in pleasurable activities like lovemaking and energy even when not involved
3. A Poor concentration which leads to difficulties in making plans or sorting out problems
4. Constant thoughts which are unpleasant especially having the guilt of feeling bad and someone unworthy
5. Always having the thought of harming yourself or better off dead.

What to Do to Overcome Depression
There are many tools in combating depression, emotionally and spiritually, the Bible is the best way God uses to help us with the fight against depression. The Bible has proven to be an effective and powerful tool to combat depression.

Medically, primary options are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), antidepressant medication, and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) (severe cases).

From experience, the of God (The Holy Bible), has an uplifting effect on the soul on anyone struggling and going through dark times. Some times, it may seem you are going to drawn and never escape it, but God pulls us through using the words from the Bible. Its an effective tool for fighting depression.

Dark Times
Dark times are when we grab unto what help God throws our way, it can be a friend, a spouse, a teacher, a pastor, a priest and most times, our kids who can help us pull through and poke holes in the darkness.

God uses His sword (The Bible) to cut through all.

God has used tools and people to help others, He surely will not let you or someone you love drawn. Don’t get exhausted embracing the words of the Lord and going to places to revive yourself and brightening up your mood and spirit.

Take a moment and read Psalm chapter 71 verse 20 to 21. It reads “I am reaching to be transformed tho’ I’ve seen innumerable and harsh troubles by the Daddy in Heaven. You will bring me up from the depths of the earth. You will comfort me and increase my honour”.

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