Let’s follow the righteousness

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Once the lamp has to be extinguished, once it burns very loudly, when the creature dies, it hiccups once more. Feathers grow when dying an ant, sin too would have taken a very formidable form in its last time. On the eve of the change of age, such a fierce, fierce and terrible form of sin will be seen as what was not seen even for centuries. The wickedness will reach the limit, once it will seem that even the unbroken conquest of unrighteousness rang and the religion ran away with a rump, but at such a time there is no reason to be afraid, it will be temporary the iniquity of the iniquity, before its death. There will be information only. Avatar inspired religion will rise with full speed and will make a fierce fight to destroy Anita. Even after Ravana’s head was cut off, new sprouts were raised, yet Ravan eventually died. About two thousand years, iniquity will be destroyed and then it will appear alive, but it will take a long time for its death, but in the end, it will die.

Humans under the age of thirty will be more impressed by the voice of the avatar, they will give special help in fulfilling the purpose of the avatar in creating the new age. By not even caring for their lives, they will fight righteousness against immorality and will be ready to sacrifice the greatest of all while enduring various kinds of sufferings. Most of the people over the age of thirty will have a heavy soul and will be hesitant to move on the path of truth. They will be so enamored with the old things that they will not like to remove the garbage and garbage. These people will rot in the hellish smell for a long time, they will also try to drag others into the same sin punk, in the purpose of the avatar, in the creation of the new age, these people will present obstacles in every way. Even then, all their efforts will fail, no one will listen to their voice, they will shout at these thorns from all around, but the enthusiastic men who are avatars of incarnation will make their lives bright with fearless sacrifice and penance fearlessly on the victory path of truth Will be moving forward

There will be a fierce battle of religion from unrighteousness, truth from untruth, policy from infinity, light from darkness, divine spirit of creation of new age from rotten thoughts. The judicial side will get divine help in this war.

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