The narcotic materials are injurious to health

The narcotic materials are injurious to health
The narcotic materials are injurious to health

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The narcotic materials are injurious to health. On the modality of income, the modesty of the happiness of the householder of the house of man is not invariably, but the complete happiness remains on spending his income by right management and restraint according to classical rules.

Spending our money wisely is an art that our families are grieved for not knowing. Many people leave the necessary expenses but spend on comfort and luxury.

People complain of inflation while buying life-saving materials, but do not experience inflation when buying luxury items, eg tea, tobacco, cigarettes, cinema, liquor, fashion, flamboyant clothes, neckties, hats.

The relationship of income is dependent on our nature, habits, fashion, manner of living, climate, country, needs, number of household members, customs, conduct, and conduct.

We have to take care of each of them. The shortage or excess of income varies according to the circumstances of the consumers. It is often seen that when it becomes habitual, a man spends on luxuries more than he spends on necessities.


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A person who is addicted to liquor, tea, cinema, prostitution, tobacco, ganja, hashish, they do not like to spend in life preservation and dexterity – milk, curd, butter, airy house, etc.

The fashion, despite not seeing the poverty of the house, is caught in the outdoor tee tops, false demonstrations. The poor people take a loan for a little applause and spend it in marriage, marriage or charity, etc.

The poor laborers are also not afraid of spending on addictions like betel, cinema, tea, gambling, betting, alcohol, etc. Even beggars like to drink tea, they like milk more than bread.

For a rich man, luxurious palaces, electric fans, lamps, motors, fountain pens, garish clothes, decoration items would be considered comfort items, but for a poor farmer, or clerk, a modest shopkeeper, these items would be considered luxury. Things will be accepted.

Always keep an eye on your income. Spending more than income is a sign of absolute stupidity and bankruptcy. As -2 income decreases, so also keep reducing 2 expenses in the same proportion. Continue to remove luxury and comfort items from the expenditure, quit an addiction, eat cheap, eat one time, wear cheap. Stay in a modest house, work on your own by rescuing the servants, do the work of washerman, even if you clean the utensils yourself, but do not keep your feet outside the income.

Credit is such a problem that weakens all the powers of man. He has to look down in front of everyone, hands are tight.

“There cannot be two opinions on how to borrow. There is only one answer – the habit is very bad. While borrowing, whether it is money or anything else, nothing is known, but the condition worsens while giving. Looks like, throwing money away. Slow-2 This habit gets so much emphasis that it is not in the mind to return the loan or money and this is the result – cutting of friends, a humiliation in society, slander, etc. Then it is a ‘wolf came’ thing. Even if there was a real need, there is no money. Therefore, one must decide never to borrow anything or money. ‘

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