Management of food for better health in Times of Crisis

Management of food for better health in Times of Crisis
Management of food for better health in Times of Crisis

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Management of food for better health in times of crisis is extremely important. As soon as the income decreases, be ready to reduce your expenses and plan for a better management. You should be prepared to cut down on your needs.

Especially artificial needs such as, entertainment, fun-filled desires, the taste of tongue, fashion, charity, travel, and low income. But remember to create a sustainable food plan which should be health to aviod malnutrition.

First of all, reduce your entertainment. If you are a member of a club, then you should suspend your membership for the time being. Going to the cinema and dates should be controlled. Intake of cigarettes and alcohol should also be reduced to so as to reduce disease attack.

Fashion taste should be limited as the income is in crisis. If the budget still does not sit well, reduce the retail expenses, release the servant and do household work yourself. If there is some land around the house, cultivate herb, etc. in it through physical exertion. Teach yourself to children.


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Wash the clothes yourself. It can decrease the illumination. Get it done during the day. It is healthy to sleep early and wake up early.

If still the expenses are not reduced, then the house will have to be changed to take a cheaper house. But the house should be in an airy and clean place. I will not have to fall ill. The disease will become very expensive. Clothing and shoes have to be carefully kept and run as much as possible.

The more the financial crisis, the more limited and economical you have to become. There is no virtue in the world that gives happiness like frugality, self-control, a sense of pleasure.

In illnesses, we have to spend a hug. If there is no money, you have to spend by taking a loan. Getting sick is very expensive. Things are not so expensive, as many diseases.

Therefore, you have to take care of your health more and more. Be the first to worry about your health. If you fall ill, all your austerity and budget will remain intact. The budget will be low only when all your family members are healthy and happy, able to practice self-control and self-control. Beware of diseases.

Every day in our life, we sell our services to others and sell them to generate money. Some of us are selling our bodies, some thoughts, some plans, powers, enthusiasm, inspirational teachings – some of the other every day. The buyer is the public, who needs our services.

It is a matter of regret that we do not increase our abilities, that is why we have trouble earning money by selling our powers in society. We are not good sellers, nor do we have good goods to sell.

Thousands of people come to me and ask- ‘We want to do business, but we are not good sellers.’ We don’t know how to meet people and sell them. ‘My answer to all of them is this-‘ If you don’t know this element, then go to an orphanage because you will continue to cry the whole life. ‘

Do not understand the qualities of the seller, the psychology of the customer well, he cannot earn money in life. We, you, all of the qualities of the seller are needed in every department of life.


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