Health & Dating: The Powerful Addiction of Having Affairs

Health & Dating: The Powerful Addiction of Having Affairs
Health & Dating: The Powerful Addiction of Having Affairs

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Health & Dating – The Powerful Addiction of Having Affairs: When in a relationship or married, having an affair is a very powerful addiction. Both parties feel the urge for having extra affairs.

The emotional feelings of being with a lover can take a toll on the person involved. This act of cruelity can permanently injure the kids and spouse but the feelings doesn’t seem to matter. Spending time with a side partner more often than your main partner is called an ‘Addiction’.

This addiction as a power that takes over the person involved in the affair

One night can be referred to as an addiction if it’s done repeated and you feel happy doing it. This is not necessary to a particular person, but it will be referred to as an addictive behaviour.


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People in a relationship or marriage with questionable emotional attachment are most likely victims of this addiction and often is love making not to a particular person but anyone they get hold of.

Infidelity: The power of Addiction
With respect to the one-stand addiction, it can be seen as the need to continously believe they are still attractive and other find them appealing. They often have this feeling and thought that, which their attractiveness, they can have anyone they want irrespective of the place and time.

They need to feel reassured of theiy attractiveness but there are other ways which they have to learn to gain the assurance they seek. These other ways should be such that it won’t damage their relationship, marriage and most importantly, Health.

Having an affair and the addition chemical reaction have a very strong connection. That not withstanding, in order to recovery from the this deadly act, you need to first of all accept the damage and self-destructive effect they have on your health, relationship and marriage.

Kids, spouses and fiances are the ones are affected the most as they are the one the addict cares for. After ackowledging how important it is to stay away from such addiction, the person involve must have to go through a difficult time of total withdrawal from the addictive situation.

In some cases, the cheating addict needs a psychological evaluation to help in the process of recovery. This needs a doctor and a hospital.

Abstanence from the addictive object is a proven way to overcome it. Consider alcoholics, they need to completely stay and avoid any beverage with any element of alcohol.

Staying away from areas where such is avialble is also important. Avoiding friends who will tempt them into taking alcohol and surround themselves with alcohol free environment.

This is done to help them to have self control over alcohol. This is also an effective way in infidelity and addictive power of affairs.

When a partner goes wayward, extreme cautions should be taken to keep them away from contacting the involved person for a long time to enable total recovery.

To end an affair in a right manner, there should be a separation from the lover. Here are some ways to make this possible:
• Information about the affair must be told to the spouse. No information should be hidden by the wayward spouse.

• The cheating partner involved to be made to commit never to see or speak to the “partner in crime” again.

• An appriopriate way should be used by the cheating partner to end the affair in a way approved and to the satisfaction of the partner or husband or wife.

• Separation should be made total and contact with the lover must be enforced.

In some cases, the partner or family needs to:
• Relocate and change jobs if possible.

• Communication network should be blocked from the lover. Most cases, changing of phone numbers and email addresses.

• Time spent out of home must be accounted for in truthful way.

• Finally, they need to spend time together to rebuild the love and have a happy life. It won’t be easy but you will feel alot better when this is done.


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