Better management of money for successful life

Better management of money for successful life
Better management of money for successful life

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Better management of money for successful life. When you go to the market, only take as much money as you need, keep a list of the things that you want to buy.

Most of the money left will never be returned from the market. You will bow down to the temptation and the money will come out of your pocket.

Keep as much money in the house as is necessary for the month. Put the rest in the post office savings bank, or insurance company.

Be anxious to increase your income in the future until income increases, keep trying to reduce expenses by keeping a check on daily needs.

We are accustomed to withdrawing even from savings. They come in momentary charge and spend their accumulated income. Therefore, saving measures are the best out of which rupee cannot be easily withdrawn. In such measures, it is better to deposit in the insurance company, buy property, or keep money in the permanent deposit of the bank.

The rupee is also protected in the form of a jewel. Often we hesitate to sell jewelry. A finite spender can save a lot. Only mind control, suppression of artificial needs and restraint are required.


Remember the rule of the budget that a family with less income and poor and more members should spend more of its life in saving a life. He will have less money in the same proportion for items of dexterity and comfort.

But with the increase in income, 2 life-saving materials will cost less in proportion and there will be relatively more expenditure on things of comfort and luxury.

From the above budget, we have reached these conclusions.

(1) Families that have low income spend more on subsistence items.

(2) Apart from laborers and lower class, medium and rich families spend almost the same on clothes.

(3) The poor have some benefit in the rented house.

Higher-income people often spend more on education, health, recreation, care, etc.

Low-class individuals often spend a lot of money on drugs. The people of the city spend in retail expenses – decoration, doctor’s fees tea, loan interest, social expenditure, tax, entertainment, cinema, pan sweet washer, postage soap, shaving.

This is unfair. If it controls retail things, life can be fun. There is a lot of scope for improvement, only control and restraint is required.

To maintain living standards, restraint and sense grace are required. The second element is education.

With the wisdom of goodwill and economics, they will be able to avoid artificial requirements, if we develop our powers. Imitate the living habits of good men, increase income.

If you look for work in other cities, you can live very well. But we should remember that we buy life-saving substances first, then use more of the beneficial substances and finally we can consume the substances for rest.

It is difficult to estimate exactly what expenditure is in which family. Some spend some and some spend. Still, some orders can be given. Pt. Lax Vajpayee 20) Rs. The details of expenditure of the income of


Food 12), house rent, 1), clothing 3), barber washerman and retail expenses 1), children’s education 1), incidental expenses 1), savings 1). In this, every person who earns less can modulate at will.

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